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    Thank you for your interest our 2022 Season Track Rep Program! Our long running rep program is off to a great start this year, and we would love to invite a few more people in for the season!

    ~ This season, all of our reps will be provided with unique link that you can share with your friends, family, and followers and earn a tiered commission rate (see below) based on number of conversions.
    0-25 sales: 7% commission
    26-50 sales: 10% commission
    50+ sales: 15% commission

    ~Reps will also be provided with a generous personal discount code, good to use on the entire Highline Clothing site. Discounts start at 25% and may be increased as we see fit. 

    ~We have a private Facebook group dedicated to all things track rep! Here, you will receive exclusive first access to all new launches, be able to interact with other reps, and learn about giveaways and sales before we announce them to the public. 

    ***We have been asked many times what it takes to be a Highline track rep. There is not a specific criteria or set of rules to follow to become a rep. We are looking for ladies that are passionate about racing and passionate about our brand and deep in the racing lifestyle. We don't ask that you be involved with a specific type of racing, or have a certain number of followers. We do our best to choose a variety of applicants from all parts of the country, and all types of racing. Thank you for your interest, and your time and good luck in your season! ***

    Hello! We are looking for new Highline team members who are active in the racing community and want to share about Highline Clothing's new releases, giveaways, sales and everything exciting we have happening during the race season. You'll receive a blanket discount for the entire site, plus commission on sales that are directed through your link. Our team members will always receive first access to new items and sales, but will not be eligible for giveaways. Are you ready to join the team?

    By applying to be part of Highline, you agree to the following terms.
    Failure to uphold these items will result in immediate removal from our program. 

    1. You must have an active Facebook & Instagram account. We will send all communications to you through a private Facebook group, and ask that you share your special link in your Insta bio. 

    2. You should like & comment on all of our social media posts. (Facebook, Instagram) Sharing is optional, but highly appreciated. Additional posts will be created for you to share with your code and can be found in the facebook group, but you may also create your own!

    3. Generate at least 5 sales per quarter through your personalized link or discount code. Accounts will be reviewed each quarter, and anyone not meeting this threshold will be removed from the program. 

    4. Provide monthly content relevant to the company that can be used or shared freely by Highline. Basically, we love to show off our reps! We ask that you upload 1-2 photos a month of you doing what you love in your Highline gear!

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Highline track rep for the 2022 season!